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This is fucking bonkers, but in a good way. Absolutely stupid, but in a good way. I kinda hate how live action stuff is frowned upon on Newgrounds. As long as it's not a vlog or let's play, and is an actual short or skit, it's fine. I honestly don't care if this is for YouTube or not, I was entertained. Everything by Everyone, motherfuckers.

I laughed a lot and out loud.

Thank you.

Animation definitely needs work, but I guess in this case, it's the thought that counts, keep spreading the message, kid.

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This is rad, dude. It looks dope as hell and it's pretty in a sort of way. I also like how it's simple in that indie game sort of way but you can tell there's a bunch of lore going on and you just gotta play to figure it all out. Really good job, man. Keep doing you.

Gotta be honest, this is super fun. Sure, it's just clicking, put there is a real charm to the graphics that make it addicting, I really like it, dude. It'd be great to see a full-fledged game (not just clicking) using these graphics.

So, it's just a Robot Unicorn Attack clone with simpler graphics. It's still just as fun and addicting, so I'd still keep playing, but if you're going to copy something, or "be inspired" by something, you have to put in the effort of trying to improve it somehow. Still, it's a good game, and besides it being a copy, there isn't much wrong with it. Good try, I hope to see some originals soon.

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The beat's good, and it picks up nice, but the female voice could be smoother, it felt choppy, and it came off as annoying.

Amazing, one of the best songs I've heard on this site so far. Great hook, good verses. Fantastic song.

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I really like the beat and the lyrics were really entertaining. I'd work on your voice, though, so you sound more confident and strong. For some of the song I felt like you were whispering, like you didn't want everyone to hear it. Get louder, brother!

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fastlanemovies responds:

It's funny that you say that, because my roommate said the same thing. I was actually trying to make fun of how so many modern rappers whisper really lazily in the recording studio. I suppose it wasn't obvious enough, so it comes across as me being lazy. Maybe I'm being too satirical. haha

Thanks for the feedback! It's always seriously appreciated.

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I don't know if you know about the "Bad Sonic Fanart" Twitter account, but, rest assured you won't show up there, this is awesome stuff, brings me back to when I used to watch Sonic sprite parodies.

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ScepterDPinoy responds:

Thanks for having me research of what you mentioned (Bad Sonic Fanart). I really focus on quality than uploading nonsense.

Fantastic drawing skills, dude, keep it up!

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JayBezzy responds:

Thanks man, i really appreciate it !

Hey, I'm Skim Piff, or Brendan, or whatever. There's a lot of things I want to do with my life but all my abilities point my towards doing film. I'm just another millennial who thinks he can do film but will probably end up editing adverts for toothpaste.

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