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Ooh, baby

2014-01-16 19:51:14 by fearthepiff

Oh my god, I love this place. The writing forum is so goddamn awesome. I can't wait to post more stuff.


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2014-01-16 23:40:11

The guy below blows skin flutes...


2014-01-20 20:54:19

I'm pretty sure that there was a writing forum topic where that rant below was just posted over three times. I'm not sure that the guy is legit.

By the way, the writing forum is very slow compared to the rest of the site for some reason. It could use every topic and post it can get. I HATE checking the forum after twelve hours and finding no activity, so any help would be cool, you know.

fearthepiff responds:

Yeah, it's totally way too slow.