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Hey, you know what Josh?

2015-10-07 22:55:09 by fearthepiff

I've always wanted to be a gangster. 

Inacivity Part II

2015-03-23 20:25:10 by fearthepiff

So I've been pretty inactive for a while. I always go through these phases where I'm really active and then I become really inactive. It's not even like I'm working on anything right now, I'm just doing other things like graduating high school and being lazy also. Oh well, someone tell me when a writing portal actually gets made. 

So I have a bunch of ideas for skits/games that I need help producing! Here's a couple of them. 

"Snakey Snakerson: Attorney at Law" (Comedy Short), need animator(s) and voice actors.

"Brock's Turmoil" (Pokémon Parody), need animator(s). 

"Peter Weir Pinball" (8-bit Pinball Game), need programmers and pixel artists. 

"Super Crossword Puzzle Fighters XXL Ultra Tournament Edition" (Game), needs programmers, artists.

"I Am a Poodle" (Comedy Series[?]), needs animator(s)

If you wanna help me out, DM me or leave a comment or whatever. Anything's appreciated!

This Week's News

2015-01-15 11:23:34 by fearthepiff

This week in the news: Have you applied for extra fruit from Obama?

So, lately I've been stating my case of being able to call myself a writer.

I posted this to the writing forum, and it got a lot of good responses, and I'm pretty proud of it myself.

For my last year at high school, we have to do an internship in the spring, and for that I'm going to be writing a feature length script and submit it to a screenwriting contest.

I've also been *working* on this other script. It's the first full-fledged idea I've had for a movie, and I've been working on it for two years now. It's still not finished and I think it's because I'm way too lazy, or I'm just bored or writing it. I keep telling everyone that I'll finish it once I'm more experienced, but who knows. I posted a really, really, really, rough draft of it in my dump, It's only half of the script, but it's something, so check it out if you'd like.

I also have a comedy skit that I want someone to animate, it's about a snake lawyer, so, if you want, I'll send you the script, and you can see if you want to do it or whatever.

I also want to get some voices up this week. I've always wanted to get into voice acting, which I'm sure that's the most common thing people on here claim to be besides writers, and I want to start by recording myself doing speeches and scenes from some of my favorite movies.

Other than that, I am doing nothing.

A Rant about Art

2015-01-07 20:20:59 by fearthepiff

So, I've had this stirring in my head all night, and I just need to rant a bit to blow off some steam so that my opinion is out there in space and not trapped in my head, because this is something I truly believe in.

Art is not subjective.

When someone says "This movie is better than this movie" someone always replies with "Well, that's just your opinion, all art is subjective." And they're wrong. There are pieces of art that are in the literal sense better than other pieces of art/media.

Let's look at video games. If we compared Sonic Boom and Sonic Adventure, it be pretty unanimous what people thought was the better game, Sonic Adventure. You may like Sonic Boom more than Sonic Adventure, but that doesn't trump the fact that more time and effort was put into making Adventure a good game.

It's the same with movies. There will be people who will say "Transformers was the best fucking movie ever!" and then watch a really good movie like There Will Be Blood and say "It was so boring, I didn't get it, who cares about oil? That movie sucked." It doesn't mean Transformers is better than There Will Be Blood, it's just that those people are dumb. Not matter what people's opinions are on the matter, there is no denying that more talent and passion was put into There Will Be Blood.

If there are two pieces of art, and one piece had more talent put into it than the other, then that piece of art is better in the literal sense. Some people will like the other piece of art more than the one with more talent put into it, but the one with more talent put into it is better.

It's not the art that's subjective, it's just people's tastes in art. Some people like different things. I might just be talking out of my ass, but I truly believe that some things are just plain and simply better than other things, no matter what the popular opinion is on those things.

Oof, well, I'm off to bed.

The Life & Times.

2014-12-25 23:36:56 by fearthepiff

So, I've been good. 

I'm back sort of kinda

2014-12-14 12:23:00 by fearthepiff

So I don't know who cares but I'm gonna try and be on Newgrounds regularly now. I stopped going on because, well, I simply didn't want to open up my computer and log on, but now it works better on mobile so here I am. 

I've been doing college stuff because I'm a senior in high school and I have to do that. I'll still be posting random hand drawn little doodles from time to time just because I feel like I have this obligation to post something even though I don't even have Flahs downloaded. I hate drawing with tablets on computers so I'm never gonna get into animating, but I'll always be writing and the goal is to eventually start collaborating with animators and start doing that. 

I guess we' see what I happens I don't know, whatever. 

Writing my buns off

2014-01-31 11:34:56 by fearthepiff

So lately I've been working on a lot of stories lately. 

The first one I got going is a short story for a competition, then I got a short script going that I might enter into a script competition, and I got a feature length screenplay I've been working on for a while. 

I'm posting this here because honestly, without this site I wouldn't be filled with the creativity to be writing as much as I am now. Seeing all the content and the writing community on the forum has really got me pumped about this and now I love writing as much as I do living. So, thanks, guys.