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Ooh, baby

2014-01-16 19:51:14 by fearthepiff

Oh my god, I love this place. The writing forum is so goddamn awesome. I can't wait to post more stuff.


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2014-01-20 20:54:19

I'm pretty sure that there was a writing forum topic where that rant below was just posted over three times. I'm not sure that the guy is legit.

By the way, the writing forum is very slow compared to the rest of the site for some reason. It could use every topic and post it can get. I HATE checking the forum after twelve hours and finding no activity, so any help would be cool, you know.

fearthepiff responds:

Yeah, it's totally way too slow.


2014-01-16 23:40:11

The guy below blows skin flutes...


2014-01-16 22:14:44

Hey I just wanted to say that you are useless and I hate you. Did you know that I was born a gifted child and I can play the guitar, violin, piano and the drums? I was the Captain of the Football team and I got straight A's in School and now I work for NASA earning $500,000 a year working only part time. I receive 1 award and 2 honors every month and eat dinner with the Queen once a year. Heck I have been in outer space several times! I climbed Mount Everest, travelled the world and met some very amazing people. You're not one of them! I have a super hot wife and we love each other dearly. I bet you only masturbate to badly drawn hentai and weigh 300 pounds huh faggot? I own a private condo in Hawaii and a private jet. I ride a limousine to work everyday and right now I am typing this on my private Yacht as we speak. All my friends and party guests laugh at you after I showed them your profile page. I am very fit, muscular and I have a beautiful face as well as my wife. My wife is the highest paid nurse at the Mayo Clinic and has won tons of honors for all the lives she saved. Including the President of the United States and many world leaders. I am always being complimented on my amazing personality. I have a really nice schlong and a really big one. Me and my wife have the most incredible sex in the most beautiful bedroom in the world. I bet you masturbate in the janitors closet don't you? I am registered in the Guinness book of world records 7 times for all the amazing talents I have and won the world record for the most mentioned in the book of world records! I am best friends with the President of the United States and I have 3 super talented and very successful children. What do you do? You just sit there eating Kraft Dinner while watching shitty TV shows and fapping to shitty drawn porn. You are a loser and I have the PERFECT life. And that is REALITY and there is absolutely NOTHING you can do to change any of this! You worthless shitball!

fearthepiff responds:

Hey man, that's really cool. I'm glad to see people doing what they love and living a happy life. It always makes me happy to see people using their gift of life to do such great things likeinf nursing and science. I love my life, too. I definitely don't make as much money as you but I'm proud of what I got.

Have a great one.

P.S. You can't insult me, I don't care about my flaws enough to be bothered by some cunt who wastes his precious time on me when he could be fucking his "beautiful wife" on his "private yacht." Please don't try this again. I'll report you.

P.P.S. I have to give you credit, this looks like it took a while to write.